Control rooms - Security and Defence

Security and defence enterprises typically use video surveillance, access control, process control and building management systems. These systems are not always integrated together and work independently with no communication between other systems in the ecosystem.

The inability to integrate these disparate systems on multi-vendor platforms has created a need for solutions that enable communication and collaboration between these systems. This collaboration and communication between systems alleviates challenges and provides enterprises with complete situation management capabilities. This is where Command and Control Centres come into play.

A Command and Control Centre is traditionally a secure room or building that operates as the central monitoring and dispatch station for the facility. It performs the functions of surveillance monitoring, dispatch centre, alarm monitoring and coordination office. Forward thinking corporations are applying this concept to perform the functions of surveillance monitoring, HVAC, energy consumption, and power management; alarm monitoring, network and physical access control, and policy management and compliance. Command and control centres offer enterprises clear advantages in terms of increased control, improved security through effective response to incidents and cost reduction.

Questek has 30 years' experience in the design and implementation of solutions for this industry. Some of our notable references in this arena are Transnet, SANDF, SAPS, Honeywell and Siemens.


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