Most companies appreciate the need for audio visual equipment to present and communicate with staff supplier and customers.

However this investment has to be maintained to ensure that these facilities are always available and in excellent working order.

Companies have different requirements and budgets and Questek can tailor a service level agreement to suit your requirements and pocket.

Questek can provide services ranging from on site technicians, remote monitoring, 24/7 standby or alternatively simply pay as you go repairs. We can also do periodic (monthly or quarterly) maintenance such as replacing and cleaning filters and projector lamps and updating software which will substantially extend the life of your equipment and installation.

Questek has a large team of qualified technicians coupled with modern fully equipped workshops to cater for any incident.

We can also provide training for your staff whereby some of the routine tasks can be performed in-house by your personnel.

We will repair any AV installation regardless of where you purchased it or who installed it. We can also provide a SLA (service level agreement) on these installations once we have conducted a health test on the equipment and system.

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