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Today’s fixed line and mobile network operators have rapidly transitioned from a single technology, single service network to a multi-technology, multi-service network in just a few decades.

This transition from network-centric operations to service-centric operations has lead to the need to optimize the network for improved performance across each service rather than a single network approach. Operational teams need to monitor the network from end-to-end rather that in narrow specific silos.

With this change Service Operations Centres are now being formed, focusing on the correlation of service performance thresholds alerts, network element fault alarms and probing data to quickly locate issues, and prioritize workload based upon service impact and customer affected areas. A global picture of all areas of business is required to better understand the impact of one area upon another.

Questek is specialized in providing NNOC and SOC centres to the telecommunications industry and has been for the past 30 years. The largest NNOC video wall in the world lies at Telkom in Centurion (90m x 5m) and was first implemented by Questek in 1999. Subsequent upgrades have continued the use of this centre into the present day. Our 30-year history has allowed us to provide control room solutions for other Telecommunication providers such as Telecom Namibia, BCX, MTN Bofinet and Dark fibre.


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